Ski & Snowboard Carrier

Item# E361SAG500
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Holds up to six pairs of skis or four pairs of skis and poles. May be used to carry snowboards or fishing rods. Also available, Ski Carrier Lift Kit, increases height of the carrier.

Fits: 2010-2015 Outback; 2008-2015 Tribeca; 2011-2015 Forester (w/Aero Cross Bars); 2013-2015 Legacy

Mounting Clamps (order separate):

Carrier Base Kit - E361SFG100

Aero Cross Bars - E361SXA100

Round Cross Bars - E361SXA250

2011 OEM Cross Bars - E361SAJ100

2012 Outback - E361SAJ900

2013-15 Outback - E361SAJ800

2012 Legacy - E361SAJ700

2012 Tribeca Aero; 2014-2015 Forester Aero - E3610AS820

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